game changers: the most powerful vertical jump exercises known to man

Congratulations, you have just discovered the cheat codes to increasing your vertical jump!

Using these methods it is possible to see within weeks the kinds of gains that usually takes months.

If you want to rapidly add inches to your vertical jump, then this book is definitely for you

So what is covered exactly? There are 9 cutting edge training techniques in the book. With the exception of Technique 4, which is an entirely new exercise (that you literally won’t see anywhere else), all of the methods described are heavily backed by the latest science and practical experience.

Let me break them down for you.

 Technique 1: A simple method for drastically improving run up approach speed and knee strength at take off. These are easily the two biggest problems facing athletes wanting to increase their running jump. This one drill will virtually eliminate them in no time.

Technique 2: A little heard of yet highly effective way to reprogram your CNS to increase jumping speed. This exercise not only helps you jump higher but will improve foot speed as well.

Technique 3: The most effective system I have ever seen for rapidly increasing jump specific strength. It is intense to say the least, but sensible use of this system will drive your strength and vertical to new levels.

Technique 4: Although I have been using this with my coaching clients for a few years now, it is unknown to the rest of the world because it is a completely new exercise. This one drill has on multiple occasions been used to put up to 12 inches onto athletes running vertical jumps in as little as 8 weeks.

Time and time again this exercise has single-handedly put more inches onto my athlete’s verticals jumps than anything else I have ever used.

If you only used this one jump training exercise you would absolutely get your moneys worth from buying this book (and them some).

It might just be the perfect vertical jump exercise for athletes wanting to dunk a basketball.

Technique 5: A system of organizing your workouts to build tremendous amounts of strength and power. If you want to become an athletic beast than you are going to love this. This method can also be applied to non vertical jump training goals too.

Technique 6: A very powerful method for increasing both explosive and reactive strength. This vertical jump training exercise is actually a simple twist (well two twists actually) on an old favorite, but after a few weeks you won’t believe the power you are getting on your jumps.

Technique 7: This vertical jump exercise takes one of the most effective yet sadly underused training methods and combines it with a more commonly used one to target the biggest area of weakness in every athletes vertical jump. It is not uncommon for athletes to see 4 inch gains in as little as 4 weeks after implementing this into their training program.

Technique 8: On the surface this is a seemingly gimmicky method for rapidly increasing strength and power, but it is actually heavily backed by extensive research. If I hadn’t tried it and seen the results for myself, I wouldn’t have believed the studies or the results (21% improvement in your vertical in just 4 weeks) .

Technique 9: This exercise uses a very unusual technique to bring about rapid strength gains while placing minimal stress on your joints. In this version it will also unlock the power in your hips to have you not just jumping higher, but also running faster within weeks.

Each of these training techniques comes with detailed instructions about who it is suitable for, when it should be used, sample workouts with sets, reps, and rest periods, and where appropriate, photographs and illustrations so you can see how to set up and perform each of the exercises.

vertical jump trainingGame Changers: The Most Powerful Jump Training Methods Known To Man

How does it work?

Let me be clear. Game Changers is NOT just another jump program. It is so much more.

It is a compilation of the absolute very best jump training methods I have used over the years.

So here is how you use the information in the book. The easiest way to increase your vertical jump has always been to identify your individual areas of weakness and focus the majority of your training on addressing those weaknesses. Doing this provides the best bang for your training buck.

Each of the jump training methods in the book are designed to target one or more of those weaknesses in far more effective ways than regular jump training exercises do. In doing so you get faster gains to your vertical jump.

It is worth repeating, Game Changers is like having a cheat code for your vertical jump training.

customer testimonial

"I probably did 25 to 30 Woodrup jumps today….way easier on the joints and entire body.  A few hours later, my son got in a shooting workout and I got his rebounds for him as usual, but I felt very energized and explosive! It was crazy. I think you’re on to something, man. Thanks again." - Tom Green

vertical jump exercisesGame Changers: A Vertical Jump Cheat Code

what sort of results can i expect?

How much you gain on your vertical jump will depend on many factors outside the techniques described. For example if you already have a 40 inch vertical jump you are clearly not going to gain as much as someone with only a 20 inch vertical jump.

As a point of interest the biggest gain I have ever seen has been 12 inches in 8 weeks. This has happened quite a few times now all using technique 4.

Under the right circumstances these vertical jump training techniques work better than just about anything else. But the reality is everybody is different and trains and recovers under different circumstances. Age, gender, life stress, diet, lack of sleep, and other training are just some of the things that can have a big impact on results.

Also the techniques in the book often target different things so if person A is using technique 1 which addresses run up and take off speed and person B is using technique 9 which targets hip mobility and general single leg strength, of course they are going to see different results.

Due to this it is impossible to make precise predictions. However, based on what I have typically seen from people who have already used these methods, if you choose your technique to match your area of weakness, and you aren't already near your genetic ceiling, it is likely that you will gain anywhere from 4-8 inches or more in 4-8 weeks of training.

who is the book for?

While there are one or two techniques in the book that are only suitable for advanced athletes, the majority of them can be implemented with success by athletes of any level.

how much does it cost?

The price of the book is just:


$9 - Limited Time Only.

While is being updated I am selling Game Changers for an 80% discount on the regular price.

Think about this for a moment. I genuinely believe that if you buy a copy of Game Changers and apply the appropriate method for your need, you will gain at least 4 or more inches EASILY on your vertical jump. Most people who apply the techniques gain a lot more than that.

Even if you only gain 4 inches (and that is the lower end of results I would expect) that is about $2.25 per inch (based on the limited time price). That is as big a bargain as you will find when looking to increase your vertical jump!

This all seems little hypey. whats the catch?

For many years now I have been the ONLY person in the vertical jump space who has actively campaigned against hypey language and sneaky marketing tricks. You only need to have read some of my program reviews, and any of the articles on this site to know this.

So when I tell you that I have seen athletes gain 12 inches on their vertical in 8 weeks from one exercise in the book you also get something few other trainers would ever dare include and that is the full disclosure that these results are not going to be achieved by everyone. I am very upfront about all of this.

So what is the catch? There isn't one.  Jump training is still mostly about the process of identifying your weaknesses and working on those.

In the long run though great athletes are still built over time using the tried and true training methods we all know about.

What the techniques in this book do is just rapidly accelerate that process.

vertical jump trainingGame Changers: Changing The Way You Think About Vertical Jump Training

customer testimonial

"My brother and I went to Dicks (Sporting Goods) and got a few of the bands to try some of the methods you talked about. Wow! That first exercise is something else. My takeoffs felt so good I couldn't believe it. How did you come up with this? It is amazing." - Ryan McCormack

What happens after i order?

After you click the Order Now button you will be taken to a payment page. I accept PayPal and credit card. Once you have ordered you will be redirected to a download page (see below) where you can download your copy.


You will also receive an email with your download link for the book.

Game Changers is a DIGITAL product. You do not receive a physical book in the mail.

You can then read your copy on any electronic device with a PDF reader.

Game Changers download page

anything else i need to know?

That about covers it.

I also don't want to give the impression that if you have a 30 inch vertical you can do one technique and gain 4-5 inches and then do another technique and gain another 4-5 inches and in a few months you will have a 40 inch vertical. Sorry, but that isn't how it works (I told you I wasn't hypey!).

What is more likely to happen is that you will identify your area of weakness, then apply the relevant technique to your situation to rapidly bring that up to speed. During that period I definitely expect you to make an initial gain of 4-5 inches at least (again, this also depends on many things like age, training experience, other training and competition workload, stress, diet, recovery, current athletic ability etc).

However, like all training methods there are diminishing returns from using the same thing all the time. Depending on what Game Changer technique you are using (some are suitable only for 4-8 week blocks, some can be used over longer periods) you will need to rotate your training focus to ensure continued games.

in closing

There has been a lot of research, critical thought, and practical testing that has gone into this book to ensure that the methods described not only work consistently, but they work well.

There is literally nothing else available right now like this book.

I am sure that you will not only have fun trying some of them out but will also see some terrific improvements in your vertical jump as well.

Enjoy your training

Jack Woodrup -


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