Jumpsoles Review

Jumpsoles are an institution in the world of Vertical Jump Training. They have been around for a long time and have helped many people improve their jumping ability. However, Jumpsoles are not without their critics. Some people claim that it is just the training that causes the vertical improvements. Other people claim they are dangerous and can cause injuries. To find out our thoughts on this icon of vertical training read on.

What Are Jumpsoles?

For those unfamiliar with them they are essentially a platform that straps onto the front of your regular training shoes. This forces your calves to do more of the work. The idea is that this raised position makes your calf muscles and Achilles tendon more springy and powerful.


Our Training Experience

For the most part we found the Jumpsoles to be barely tolerable to train in.When we wore them for single leg jumping exercises they felt heavy, cumbersome, and quite frankly awkward. This was a big drawback for us as we prefer the single leg drills such as the 123 Jump, as we believe they provide greater benefits to not only vertical jump, but for sprinting and other sports related movements as well.

The weight and awkwardness of jumping and training in them was less pronounced when doing two foot drills, but still clearly impacting our jumping technique. All in all the Jumpsoles were not comfortable to train in and if anything I felt they detracted from the quality of jumps you could do. Also there are some jumps that we absolutely wouldn't recommend you do in them such as depth jumps.

What About The Proprioceptor Plugs

The proprioceptor plugs are something that the creators of Jumpsoles have created to apparently make them even more beneficial. Essentially they are small rubber plugs that you insert into the bottom of the Jumpsole to create a higher level of instability.

This instability it is claimed helps increase ankle strength and thus improve efficiency of take off and reduce ankle injuries. On this front I believe Jumpsoles do what they claim.

My experience from wearing them around and training in them definitely did lead to an increase in fatigue around the ankle that reduced over time as we became used to it. However I have also had the same effect when I implement sprints, calf raises. and various single leg jumping drills into my workout as well so I do not believe by any stretch that they are the ONLY way to improve ankle strength. 

JumpsolesTraining in Jumpsoles is not Optimal

Want To Add 6-12 Inches To Your Vertical Jump

Look, Jumpsoles might help you increase your vertical jump a little bit, but most people who have used them pretty quickly realize that they are more of a gimmick than anything else. You can actually get better results from just following a good vertical jump program.

And the best kind of jump program is one written specifically for your needs. Coaches all over the world in every sport have for years known that the best results are achieved when the training program is customized to what each particular athlete needs.

You see a custom training plan doesn't waste time on exercises or training activities that the athlete doesn't need. A custom training plan instead focuses your energies on the activities that are going to work best for you. This means faster gains to your vertical jump!

And we are offering to help get you the best possible results from your vertical jump training by using our years of coaching experience to write you a custom training program. To find out more visit our jump coaching page.

Do Jumpsoles Work?

No, not really. You can get the same improvements to ankle strength by simply doing regular calf training, plyometrics and sprinting. You can get better vertical jump training results by following a good jump training program and doing it in regular shoes. Doing your jump training in regular shoes is provides the added benefit of not messing up your jumping style or limiting the amount of power you can put into the ground.


Despite Jumpsoles being very well known in the jumping industryI feel their popularity is more a result of great marketing than actual training results. If I had my time again I would definitely not have bought them.


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