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Multiple Hops

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Best Use For Improving Vertical Jump

Multiple hops are an advanced jumping drill that can significantly develop your single leg reactive strength. This drill has an excellent carry over to single leg jumping but is often difficult for people to do as it requires great balance and strength.

Technique Tips

This exercise should only be done once you have developed sufficient strength as it can be quite hard on your joints. It is however one of the very best drills for developing single leg jumping power due to the way it requires you to quickly stabilize your body, absorb the landing forces, and then contract your muscles. If you can't perform the drill with a relatively smooth landing and jumping motion stick with skipping and bounding until you have built up the necessary strength.

Alternative Exercises

Some good alternatives to Multiple Hops are

Alternate Leg Bounding with a Power Jumper

Power Skipping

Single Leg Tuck Jumps

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