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Vertical Jumping Research

There has been plenty of research on vertical jump improvement over the years, here we present some of these studies along with a few practical recommendations to how you might apply the findings to your own training.

Research Articles

The Contribution of Maximal Force Production To Explosive Movement.

The Effect of Six Weeks of Squat, Plyometric and Squat-Plyometric Training on Power Production.

Comparison of Training Modalities for Power Development in the Lower Extremity.

Propulsion Forces as a Function of Intensity for Weightlifting and Vertical Jumping.

Evaluation of Plyometric Exercise Training, Weight Training, and Their Combination on Vertical Jumping Performance.

Effect of Foot and Toe Strength Training on Jump Performance.

Comparison of weighted jump squat training with and without eccentric braking.

Effects of muscle strengthening on vertical jump height: a simulation study.

Use of an overhead goal alters vertical jump performance and biomechanics.

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