Rumble Roller Review

Rumble Roller Review: By now the benefits of foam rolling are well known. But what has also become apparent in recent years is that after a while you get used to it and it takes more and more work to get the same benefits. So what is the solution? Enter The Rumble Roller!

rumble rollerThe Rumble Roller: When the Foam Roller Just Doesn't Cut It Any More

With the rumble roller you get all the benefits of the regular foam roller but with a few extra advantages. These include:

  • More precise pressure points makes it easier to find and release trigger points
  • Less overall time needs to be spent rolling for same effect
  • Less pressure needs to be applied for out limbs (calves for example)
  • Great for finding and releasing tight spots around joints where regular roller can't (particularly glutes and back)

With that said there are a few things you need to be aware of too. Firstly, they do hurt a lot more than a regular foam roller. I use my rumble roller on my quads, it bands, calves and glutes probably 5 days a week, but even now I still spend 5 minutes on a regular foam roller to get myself prepared for the rumble roller.

If you have never foam rolled before I definitely wouldn't jump right into using a rumble roller.

What To Expect From a Rumble Roller

The first thing you will notice is as mentioned, how much more it hurts. You will quickly learn how to apply more or less pressure as required depending on where you are rolling. The second thing you will notice is how many more sports you can access using it. The more localised pressure points really help you find tight spots that a regular foam roller misses. Lastly, you will notice that you do not need to roll for as long to get good results. Before I was rumble rolling I used to have spend a good 20 minutes to really get my IT bands and quads fully worked out. With the rumble roller I spend probably half of that.

Of course I made a video (sorry for the smaller image).


Foam rolling is a very beneficial activity for performance athletes. It helps loosen tight muscles and fascia and that in turn results in more freedom of movement and of even greater importance for a jumping athlete, more powerful muscle contractions and higher jumps. Rumble rolling is the next step up from foam rolling and based on my own experiences, is a terrific way to really work the key areas. The calves, IT bands, quads and glutes are much easier to massage with a rumble roller than a regular foam roller, but it is definitely something that needs to be worked up to.

If you have been foam rolling for a while now you are off to a good start, but when you really want to take your recovery and pre-hab work to a higher level a rumble roller is an excellent tool for doing so.

Want To Start Jumping Higher TODAY?

Rumble Rolling (and foam rolling) form a small part of the recovery process involved in a comprehensive vertical jump training program. But it is an important part because jump training is hard on the muscles and ensuring they are getting the attention they need to work properly will help you get more out of your workouts.

Their are other aspects though that are obviously more important. One of those is clearly your training program itself. The BIGGEST MISTAKE most athletes make is doing programs not designed for them. This results in wasted time and effort producing less than optimal results.

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