Vertical jump

Single Leg Paused Frog Jump

To replay the video just click and drag the time bar back to the start.

Best Use For Improving Vertical Jump

Single Leg Paused Frog Jumps are terrific for building explosive strength for single leg jumping.

Technique Tips

This exercise is harder than it looks. Get into the single leg frog position (see video), pause at the bottom, then explode up with as much speed and power as you can. Don't expect to get too high off the ground, but the extreme range of motion really works all the key jumping muscles.

Another important safety tip is to not just drop back down too quickly into the bottom position. Instead catch yourself and descend in a controlled manner. Dropping down too fast can cause excessive shearing forces on the knee.

Alternative Exercises

Some good alternatives to Single Leg Paused Frog Jumps are

Paused Frog Jumps

Paused Frog Jumps with a Power Jumper

Single Leg Box Jumps

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