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Effect of Foot and Toe Strength Training on Jump Performance


Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research. 14(4):373-378, November 2000.




Fifteen subjects, 21-62 years old, participated in a 6-week toe flexor strengthening program using the archxerciser. Pre-and posttraining data for toe strength, vertical jump height simultaneously using the Just Jump and Vertec, and horizontal jump distance were collected for both control and exercise legs.

Post hoc paired sample t-tests (p < 0.05) indicated significant improvement in all categories. This supported the hypothesis that the unconventional method of strength training the toe flexors should be considered a valuable adjunct in a training program designed to enhance vertical or horizontal jump ability.

The relationship of different testing methods was also assessed. A Pearson correlation coefficient showed a significant (0.001 level) correlation when simultaneously using the Vertec and Just Jump to quantify vertical jump performance. A significant (0.01 level) correlation between individual performance in the vertical and horizontal jump was also identified.

These results indicate that the tester is not restricted to a single testing device or method for assessment of jump performance.

(C) 2000 National Strength and Conditioning Association


The toe is the last part of your body to leave the ground when performing a vertical jump. This moment is commonly referred to as toe-off. It is important because it is the last chance you have to send muscular force into the ground and thus increase the height of your jump.

As the research suggests, a bit of training for this body part can certainly add to your jumping ability. The best bit though is that as your toes are such small body parts they do not require a great deal of training. A few minutes here and there of toe flexing is probably all you will need to see the benefits.

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