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Trap Bar Deadlift

The trap bar jump squat is a nice way to perform loaded jumps. Much like the dumbell version this is easier on the body as their is a greatly reduced amount of spinal loading. It is great for building explosive strength and power.

Technique Tips

To performthe trap bar jump squat simply load up the bar with the weight you intend to use. Although you can put a fairly heavy load onto the bar when using this exercise, it is still better to take a conservative approach and focus on the speed and height of the jump.

Once you have selected your load, grab the handles and perform a few sets of explosive jumps. When you land make sure to bend your knees to better absorb those downward forces. In between reps reset the bar and your stance to ensure maximum power on each rep as well as safety of the movement.

Alternative Exercises

Some good alternatives to Trap Bar jump squats are

Squat Jump with Power Jumper

Paused Squat Jumps with Medicine Ball

Paused Frog Jumps with Weight Vest

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