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Weighted Jump Squats

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Best Use For Improving Vertical Jump

Weighted Jump Squats are best used for developing explosive strength. They are one of the best overall jumping exercises you can do.

Technique Tips

These are a fairly straigth forward exercise to do. Once you have a suitable load selected, put it on, then squat down to the bottom position then explode back up into the jump. When selecting an appropriate load it is important to remember that we are using it to develop our vertical jump not our maximal leg strength. As such the load should be heavy enough to be a challenge but light enough to not impact the speed of the movement too much. In the video we use a sandbag which is an excellent choice, but you can also use dumbells, medicine balls, weight vests , or barbells. If you use a Barbell though we highly recommend clipping on a Manta Ray.

Alternative Exercises

Some good alternatives to Weighted Jump Squats are

Squat Jump with a Power jumper

Paused Weighted Jump Squats

Paused Jump Squats with a Weight Vest

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