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Barbell Back Squat

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Best Use For Improving Vertical Jump

Back squats are best used as a good old fashioned, no nonsense strength builder. Due to the large numbers of muscle groups recruited this is a great bang for your buck exercise. Lift heavy and try and build your base strength up.

Technique Tips

There are so many articles written about how to squat properly it is amazing. Here though are a few of the more important things to remember.
  • When you unrack the bar keep your chest up and look forward.
  • Ensure your stomach is full of air and tight.
  • Make sure your feet are placed about shoulder width apart and the weight is on your heels
  • Sit back as far as you can before you bend your knees. What does this mean? It means simply pushing the hips/glutes to the rear, not bending the knees first
  • As you descend push your knees out. Don't let them buckle in as this can cause injury.
  • A proper full squat has your hips just lower than your knees at the bottom.
  • On the way up squeeze your glutes and drive your hips straight up.
  • Once again, push from the heels and keep your knees out.

Alternative Exercises

Some good alternatives to the back squat are

Safety Bar Squats

Box Squats

Trap Bar Deadlifts

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